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Are You Thinking About Selling Your House?

I think I can help.

Who Am I?

I’m Conrad Walton, a real estate professional in Prescott, AZ.

I’ve spent over 24 years as a web developer and Internet marketer.

My employers have included a large video game publisher, the company that developed MySpace, and many other eCommerce companies.

I’ve created, managed, and marketed my own sites, including one that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars over 10 years.

One of my domain names was bought by a real estate investment company for $200,000.

I was around for the birth and growth of social media.

I’m a web guy. I love technology.

Conrad Walton

Cell 928.925.4428
Email: conrad@conradwalton.com

ADRE License SA657300000

My broker is Realty One Group, Mountain Desert, located in the historic Prescott train station at
100 E. Sheldon St. #200,
Prescott, AZ 86301.


Flipping Houses

My wife and I had the opportunity a few years ago to start flipping houses; buying them in poor condition, fixing them up, and then selling them for a profit.

We discovered that those Internet marketing skills and abilities transferred over to selling houses.



We decided that I should expand into selling other people’s houses as well, using those same Internet marketing skills and abilities for them.

I want to help you sell your house too.

It’s what I’m good at.


Selling Your Property

The truth is, getting your property listed in the MLS is 70% of selling it.

Every agent can do that for you.

Having the correct pricing strategy, not too high, not too low, is another 20% of getting it sold.

Most every agent can do that for you.


The 10% Difference

That last 10% is where things get creative, and that makes all the difference.

The way a property is presented and marketed is what makes people interested in looking further.

It’s got to be creative and interesting to catch people’s attention.

For every house I sell, I use every tool available to me, and I use them creatively.


A Custom Web Site

Most real estate searches start on the Internet, usually on a site like Zillow, RedFin, Trulia, or Realtor.com.

I will build a complete, custom web site with it’s own domain name.

This is what I do best. You won’t get a template site from me.

It won’t look like any other site.

It will fit your house, with it’s features, and it’s unique sales points.


A Stand Alone Web Site

It will be located at a domain name with your address in it, like “www.1234exampleroad.com/”.

It won’t be part of a larger site, or have anything else in the name, other than your address.

With the unique link to your custom web site in the listing, buyers have greater detail and depth of information than other listings give them.

Click Here To See An Example Custom Web Site


A Better Video

Nothing attracts attention like a good video, and I think mine are the best.

I’ve been creating videos for years, so I know the timing, the framing, and how to cut together multiple clips to tell a story that makes an impact.

I think my videos are more exciting than typical real estate videos, which tend to be choppy, and slow, and boring, but I may be biased.

Anyone can buy a drone and take a video of rooftops with it.

It takes an artist to tell a story.


Telling The Story

I will give you aerial video, taken with a drone, edited together with video from the ground, and still photography, to create an impressive visual presentation.

While drone video is impressive by itself, it’s only one part of a good video.

Exterior and interior video, and still photography, all need to be woven together to tell your story.

Your house will presented in the best possible way, telling the story in way that will attract and intrigue buyers.


A Real Virtual Tour

Most of the “virtual tours” today are really slide shows of the very same photos that everyone can already see.

Like I said, I love technology, so I bought the specialized software to allow me to create these real virtual tours.

This isn’t Matterport, if you’ve heard of that. This is built from photographs and much easier to use.


An Immersive Experience

You will get a real “virtual tour” that’s an immersive experience.

Buyers can look at a room, rotate around the room 360 degrees, then click on a link to enter another room.

Your house will come alive. The buyer can get a better idea of the layout of the home.

Click here to see an example of a real virtual tour.


Living On Your Phone

It used to be that you would place an ad in the newspaper and everyone would see it.

Today, no one reads the paper because everyone spends all of their time on their phones.

If you want your property in front of as many people as possible, then you need to have it advertised where people are spending their time.


Social Media Advertising

FaceBook and Instagram advertising is where the market is these days.

Using FaceBook and Instagram catches the attention of people where they are actively looking at the moment.

A quality ad will entice them to click the ad and each of those clicks takes them to your custom web site.

Each step along the way gives the buyer more information, and gets them closer to looking at your house.


Making It Happen

How do you make it happen?

Contact me so we can talk and see if we are a fit for each other.

Call or text me at 928-925-4428 between 10am and 10pm.

Send email to conrad@conradwalton.com.

We will set up a time to talk when it’s convenient for you.

We’ll meet. We’ll talk.

I’ll ask questions. You’ll ask questions.


Let’s Talk

I promise that I won’t try to talk you into anything you don’t want to do.

I’m not that guy. No pressure.

Then we decide if we want to work together.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward selling your house, let’s talk.


Conrad Walton

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